Micro-Lyfe Barley Boss contains weed-free barley straw and natural peats that capture and bind excessive nutrients. These pellets are rich in humic acids, which are capable of chelating harmful metals. After it breaks down, MicroLyfe Barley Boss becomes part of the lake’s substrate in the form of peat. Since peat is a natural buffer, continued use prevents large pH swings.
Unlike some other barley products, Micro-Lyfe Barley Boss does not contain wheat, corn, or  other binders that can actually increase nutrients in your lake.

Micro-Lyfe Concentrate Bacteria

  • Contains peat, humates and concentrated barley
  • Helps buffer and reduce pH swings
  • Active ingredients go to work immediately after application
  • Slow release pellet maintains optimal concentration over time
  • Begin treatments in early spring
  • Recommended for use with Blue PowerContinued use can prevent large pH swings


Apply Barley Boss at a rate of 120 pounds per treatment acre every 2 months scattering the pellets very close along the shoreline in shallow water.
If any copper based algaecides, herbicides, Hydrothol 191 or peroxide products are used to kill algae or aquatic weeds, apply Micro-Lyfe Barley Boss at least 72 hours before or 72 hours after those applications.

Package Quantity

One (1) 40 lb bag of Barley Boss.


This item typically ships out in 1-4 business days.

Micro-Lyfe Barley Boss

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