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CWS Environmental design group is comprised of innovative engineers covering Ohio, Michigan and Indiana.  We are certified professionals in plant design, performance evaluation consulting, waste water and potable water plant rebuilds, and mechanical and electrical design.  On a daily basis, you will find CWS Environmental certified operators supporting the operation and testing of potable and wastewater treatment plants.

We perform NPDES permit applications and permit to install applications. CWS Environmental building designs are consistent with our environmental philosophy: Ease of operational design, Energy efficient, and Maximizing our natural resources.

We incorporate a green design when working with water because we realize just how precious this natural resources is and how endangered it has become. We're working to ensure it is safe and available to all.

  • Wastewater and potable water plant design
  • Consulting and evaluations at wastewater and potable water plants
  • Rebuild of existing wastewater and potable water plants
  • Mechanical and electrical design
  • Testing of potable and wastewater treatment plants
  • NPDES permit applications
  • Permit to install applications