A 1HP surface aerator/agitator system that can be converted to a fountain!

Little Giant’s® multi-functional aeration and fountain unit for bodies of water up to 1 acre in size is capable of moving up to 800 gpm. With the easy installation of a fountain nozzle, the aerator is transformed into an attractive fountain display. Whether your primary goal is aesthetics or biological pond health, Little Giant offers this easy-to-use, reliable, all-in-one solution to keep your body of water clean and healthy.

This aeration system can be converted to a beautiful fountain with FOUNTAIN PUMP CONVERSION KIT FPA-10-K01 / item # 517311.


    • For use in up to 1 acre pond
    • Aeration/fountain interchangeability - Requires Fountain Pump Conversion Kit (See Related Products Section below)
    • 1 HP
    • 800 gpm
    • 230V operation, 10.8 Amps
    • 150 foot cord
    • Minimum required depth of 18 inches
    • Average pattern is 6' high x 16' wide
    • Enhance water quality and enhances biological activity
    • All in one packaged system (float, aerator,  Franklin Electric motor)
    • Plug and play easy installation, no control box required
    • Little Giant model number APA-10-HAR / item # 517301

    Warranty Information

    Two (2) year manufacturer's warranty


    This item typically ships out within 3-7 business days.

    Surface Aerator / Agitator Convertable To A Fountain - 1HP

    • $1,699.99

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