Micro-Lyfe™ Blue Power can improve common lake problems with it's unique combination of dye and enzymes. The blue dye in this water treatment product decreases sunlight penetration, reducing photosynthesis, and colors the water a pleasing shade of blue. The addition of amylase enzymes aids in the digestion of organic wastes as plant matter decomposes.

You can adjust color intensity by adding more or less dye. Once diluted into the lake, dye will not stain fish, swimmers, concrete, or rocks.

Micro-Lyfe Complete

  • Safely colors water an appealing shade of blue
  • Blocks out photosynthetic light wavelengths
  • Amylase enzymes help digestion of organic wastes
  • Mixes throughout pond in a few hours
  • concrete or pond rocks
    Diluted product will not stain birds, fish, or most
  • Safe for humans, animals, plants and aquatic life
  • No swimming, irrigation or fishing restrictions



Shake well before using. Add 1 gallon Blue Power per 4 acre feet directly to your lake. Note: Undiluted colorant could stain concrete or rocks. Due to differences in water quality and composition, actual color may vary. To achieve a particular hue, start by applying half the dosage rate and then slowly increase dosing until the desired color is attained. Allow 24 hours between doses.

Package Quantity

One (1) 5-gallon container of Micro-Lyfe Power Blue.


This item typically ships out in 1-4 business days.

Vertex Micro-Lyfe Blue Power

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