• Microbe-Lift Algaway 5.4 Quart

Microbe-Lift Algaway 5.4 is a natural and safe microbial maintenance product to regulate your pond water clarity and quality. No more green water and green algae! This is safe for use with fish and plants (not snails, shrimp and crustaceans) in water gardens and water features to keep your water surface clear and beautiful.  This product is not for use in earth ponds.  

Size = 1 Quart (32 FL OZ). This bottle treats up to 11,356 gallons

Little GIANT model # WT-ALG-Q / item #


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Microbe-Lift Algaway 5.4 Quart

  • Brand: Franklin Electric
  • Product Code: WT-ALG-Q
  • Item #: 566074
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $32.99

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