Micro-Lyfe™ Concentrate is an economical solution to your basic bioaugmentation needs. Choose this water treatment product, an ultra-concentrated culture of 4 spore-forming bacteria to reduce the buildup of sludge and odor while speeding the removal of harmful ammonia and nitrite. Every gallon of Micro-Lyfe Concentrate contains 12 trillion microorganisms!

Micro-Lyfe Concentrate Bacteria

  • Unique phototrophic bacteria that gain energy from sunlight
  • Is super concentrated with 12 thousand billion microorganisms per gallon
  • Accelerates nitrogen cycling reducing toxic ammonia and nitrite levels
  • Helps control organic matter and sludge buildup
  • Has a different blend of bacteria than Micro-Lyfe Complete
  • Is very affordable utilizing a cost effective monthly application

Package Quantity

Shake well before using. For well aerated lakes use 2 gallons per acre for the initial monthly treatment followed by 1 gallon per acre per month thereafter. Double the above application rates for non-aerated lakes. To apply, pour slowly from container directly into the lake along the entire perimeter or dilute with non-chlorinated water to attain even coverage. Note: If any copper based algaecides, herbicides, Hydrothol 191 or peroxide products are used to treat algae or aquatic weeds apply Micro-Lyfe Concentrate at least 72 hours before or 72 hours after those applications. Never add Micro-Lyfe Concentrate to a spray tank that has previously held any copper compounds as any copper residue in a spray tank will kill the bacteria.

Package Quantity

One (1) 5-gallon container of Concentrate Bacteria.


This item typically ships out in 1-4 business days.

Vertex Micro-Lyfe Concentrate Bacteria

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