Micro-Lyfe™ Digester contains spore-based bacteria and enzymes in water soluble packets for mess-free ease of use. The Vertex Micro-Lyfe Digester water treatment product is specially formulated to biodegrade hard-to-digest plant material like leaves. If you have trees surrounding your lake, you should be tossing in packets of Micro-Lyfe Digester as part of your water management program.

Micro-Lyfe Digester

  • Metabolizes and reduces bottom organic detritus
  • For sediments with high levels of leafy and woody plant material
  • Contains cellulase enzymes for digesting difficult lignins
  • 1,362 billion sludge degrading bacteria per pound
  • For tree-lined ponds, Digester works best when used with Micro-Lyfe Complete, Concentrate, or Sludge ClearWater soluble packets for year round, no-mess application



Treatment rate is one pail per surface acre  per year.  For the initial treatment, use 10 packets per surface acre weekly for 3 weeks followed by 2 monthly treatments of 10 packs each.  Toss packets into water at various points along the shoreline.  Packet will dissolve to release material into water.  If any copper based algaecides, herbicides, Hydrothol 191 or peroxide products are used to  treat algae or aquatic weeds apply Micro-Lyfe Digester at least 72 hours before or 72 hours after those applications.

Package Quantity

One (1) 25-pound pail containing 50 packs of Micro-Lyfe Digester.


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Vertex Micro-Lyfe Digester

  • $346.99