History of CWS Environmental

Clean Water Service was established in 1969 as a service company that would provide customers with proper technical support as well as maintenance on all types of waste water treatment plants. Through the years, Clean Water Service established a strong reputation for excellent service and became incorporated in 1997 allowing us to expand the business and cover an even larger territory. In addition, a design/build capability was added to the business which allowed us the opportunity to take a wastewater building project from conception to completion.

In keeping pace with the treatment of water, an aquatics division was added to the company providing treatments, products, equipment, fish stocking, and consultation. This aspect of the business includes pond and lake management as well as fountain and aeration system sales and installations. Also, we made an addition to our name using CWS Environmental as our title to reflect the values of incorporating a green design and plan for our environment.

Today, Clean Water Service, Inc./CWS Environmental is one of the largest providers of service for several types of wastewater, potable water, and aquatics treatment and operation in our area. We are located in Bowling Green, Ohio, and our service region includes Toledo, Ohio and the surrounding areas. CWS Environmental works with state and local protection agencies for continued improvement and enhancement of our environment. From consulting and engineering services to aquatic systems, lab testing, and plant operations, we are here to provide the best service we can and relieve as much regulatory burden as possible. CWS Environmental continues to be family owned and operates with great Christian integrity.  Please call (419) 352-6870 or use the Contact Us page to reach us with any questions, comments, or general feedback, as we would love to help you with your pond or lake treatment needs.     



Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accredited Business (see the icon/link at the bottom of the page) 

Midwest Aquatic Plant Management Society (MAPMS)

American Water Works Association (AWWA)

Aquatic Ecosystems Restoration Foundation (AERF)


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